Photo Blankets: a Perfect Gift Idea


If you want to give a really personalized gift, you can give a photo blanket. A photo blanket is a unique gift with the recipient’s photograph on it. You can put a single photograph, a photograph on either side of the blanket, or a mixture of different photos. You can choose from different sizes from small blankets, medium sized ones for travelling, or large blankets for any application. Although it is best to use personal pictures for this, you can also use any digital print or artwork so that you can make a unique and wonderful blanket.

Any photo will do for a photo blanket. It is best to use a good quality picture so that the finished blanket will have a good quality. You can also use scanned paper prints or digital copies of your favorite artwork. And, if you are an artist or photographer, you will love to see your pictures on a high quality photo blanket that you can use for many applications.

If you have lots of The Memories Place picture and you can’t decide which one is the best, you can make a photo montage. This can be created with many photographs. You can combine these photos with a good looking picture and add to the blanket of your choice. You can add the photo or montage that you choose to a single side of a blanket and then choose a color on the reverse. However, there are a people who also want a picture printed on the back of a photo blanket to make it even more special and personal.

If you are going to use the blanket as a cot blanket, a small blanket is ideal. A lap blanket for traveling is the medium sized blanket. And if you will use the blanket on a bed or for any other occasions to make you feel comfortable and warm, then you can use a large blanket. You may read further at

If someone has a new baby, a photo blanket at is an ideal gift. You can use the first baby photographs and use it for the baby blanket or cot blanket. You can also create a montage using a family picture and use it for a large blanket that would be pleasing to the parents as well as to the kids.

Although photo blankets are just one item of personalized photo items, they are very unique and would easily be appreciate by the recipients. There are also other items where you can use your photos to personalize them.


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